Who is XGT for?

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XGT was created by industry experts to meet the needs of anyone seeking to push their limits:

  • Men and women who want to be physically prepared for life’s challenges and increase their energy
  • Professionals who want to challenge their bodies in the same way they challenge their minds and business development
  • Student athletes looking for every advantage on the field and in the classroom
  • Men and women over 40 looking to battle heart disease, maintain their mental sharpness, and keep ailments at bay

Together we’re more

Usually gyms are full of random people doing their own thing. Nothing wrong with that, but XGT is for people searching for community. It’s not a competition. Rather, the others in your XGT group are going to be there to encourage you and help you push your boundaries—not push your buttons.

In short, XGT is for anyone looking to be in the best shape possible.

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