Why XGT Fitness?

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For individuals:

There are more reasons than we could possible list, but here are just a few:

  • Together We’re More. XGT is more than a workout plan. It’s a safe, supportive, closely-knit community. Our experience has proven that getting fit is easier and more fun when you’re in a group, experiencing the challenges of the XGT Daily Workout together!
  • No filler. XGT isn’t for people who love spending hours in the gym—our program is designed for busy people that need to get things done. The workout will take approximately 30 minutes. Then it’s back to conquering the world in the boardroom, classroom, and at home.
  • Supernatural fitness. XGT combines weight training and natural body movements, alongside a healthy nutritional plan that takes you beyond the natural approach of other systems.

For clubs:

The XGT Fitness program is designed to answer the number one demand on new and existing health clubs: giving members world-class programming that keeps them coming back, keeps them motivated, and delivers results.

XGT Fitness is a bolt-on addition to enhance your club’s member engagement and retention, supplement your existing one-on-one PT solution, and drive additional revenue. Members seeking new training styles, competition, or an extra level of accountability find their answer in your health club. The energy and excitement driven by an XGT session is contagious- all members will feed off it and have an enhanced experience in your facility. XGT benefits one-on-one engagement by encouraging individual growth and progression- members seek additional help to achieve this end. The experience of working with professional, nationally certified coaches will open the door to seeking the benefit from your existing additional programming. In the same respect, current PT clients will be able to supplement their existing programming, increase lifespan and engagement. Implementation options for your health club range from outsourcing to licensing the XGT program.  This is a way for you to compete with the growing population of niche type gyms that are popping up and taking members away from your facility.


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